AWS: Innovator Island: Build a serverless web app for a theme park

Innovator Island is a popular theme park that’s rolling out a web app for thousands of visitors. The app provides wait times, ride photos, notification alerts, and language translation for visitors. However, the lead developer has disappeared and, in this workshop, you’re part of a development team that’s assembling the pieces left behind. Learn and practice building a scalable serverless web app with limited development resources.
The workshop architecture leverages services such as AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, AWS SAM CLI, Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB, IoT Core, and Amazon EventBridge. No previous serverless knowledge is required but a knowledge of the AWS Management Console is helpful.

Hands-on experience using Servelerss technologies to build a functional application.

- AWS Account
- Attendees must bring a laptop and a smartphone to complete this session.


When: Postponed, Approx 4 hrs, timings to be confirmed.

Where: AWS, 139 Pakenham Street West, Auckland 1141

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