2020 Cancellation

Thursday, Oct 1, 2020

ServerlessDays Auckland - the in-person event that was originally scheduled for April this year - was rescheduled to September and then postponed again to January 28th, 2021. With a very heavy heart, we have now decided to cancel this date.
Planning would need to start in anger shortly with a point of no return (from a financial commitment perspective) approaching very quickly. At this stage, we don't foresee that borders will be open by then and we don't want to get stung by possible attendee limits if there's yet another lock-down situation. Basically, there's still too much uncertainty.

We are starting to refund sold tickets, cancel the venue, etc. and will wind down the event. We discussed the option to go for a hybrid or complete virtual event but decided against it to have more flexibility with regards to standing up something again under a combined ANZ banner next year. Obviously, no one knows what the future will look like but based on the success of our first joint online event on the 4th of September, we'd love to continue that previous collaboration and explore in due course what that could look like.

Best wishes from the ServerlessDays Auckland team.

Tuesday, Mar 17, 2020

Yesterday, the ServerlessDays Auckland team made the hard call to postpone the conference from its current April date.

In light of the current situation regarding COVID-19 and with the well-being of our greater community at the centre of our thinking, we feel that this is the best option going forward.

For reference, New Zealand has now twelve confirmed cases. Since Sunday night, new border measures are in place whereby nearly all travellers arriving in New Zealand are required to self-isolate for 14 days.

This, combined with a lot of recently updated corporate policies that ban all non-essential travel and institute the cancellation of conference attendances for employees, has made the logistical side for overseas speakers and non-local visitors alike much more difficult. We are in awe of people who told us how they would overcome these challenges - often at significant personal cost and inconveniences.

Our decision-making process was also influenced by the organiser's strong desire to provide a first-class event experience that places humans and our interactions with each other at the core and centre of everything: Nothing beats that friendly smile of a fellow attendee, the engaging discussion in person and the shared laughter with new friends. Our main concern however was - and will always remain - the safety of all conference attendees. And that is why we are currently working towards a new date in August or later this year - hoping that the COVID-19 issue will be firmly in everyone’s rearview mirror by then. At this stage, we like to thank all of our wonderful sponsors who are committed to the ongoing support of ServerlessDays Auckland. We're incredibly grateful for that and literally couldn't do it without you!

See our FAQ for questions about the postponement

Stay safe, thank you for your understanding and watch this space for further updates.

All the best,
Andreas, Myles, Darshit, Rainer, Sukhans and Ali

Monday, Mar 9, 2020

By now, you have likely heard about COVID-19 and are possibly wondering if this is yet another "event cancellation" announcement. It is not!
Although we take the risks VERY seriously and continue to monitor the still-evolving situation closely, we do hope that ServerlessDays Auckland 2020 can go ahead on Monday, the 20th of April.

This is aligned with the New Zealand Ministry of Health's advise to not currently alter arrangements for public events such as conferences. For reference: Since the first positive COVID-19 test on 28 February, four additional cases have been reported in New Zealand - the last one on the 7th of March.

While we are exploring various alternative options (including postponing or making it an online conference - either completely or only partially), the organiser team has decided to carry on with the planning of the event until we feel that the situation requires a different course of action.
Needless to say, if we reach that point, we will inform everyone as quickly as possible.

We appreciate that this approach might not remove uncertainty for some attendees - in particular non-locals who bought a ticket - and apologise for that. Please contact us if you are one of those and already decided to not attend the event. We will happily refund your ticket. For all others: Many thanks for your ongoing support!

Best wishes from the ServerlessDays Auckland team,
One Day, One Track, One Community.


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